Is Mural Or Miro Better?

How much does Miro cost?

Miro PricingNamePriceTEAM$8 per user per month (billed annually)BUSINESS$16 per user per month (billed annually)ENTERPRISECustom pricing.

Proposal upon request.CONSULTANT$12 per user per month (billed annually)5 more rows.

When was Miro founded?


What company owns Miro?

About Miro The company was founded by Andrey Khusid and Oleg Shardin in 2011 as RealtimeBoard and rebranded as Miro in 2019. Miro is funded by ICONIQ Capital, Accel and several angel investors including two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry, Daniel Dines, founder and CEO of UiPath and Quentin Clark, Former CTO of Dropbox.

Can you use Miro with zoom?

In Zoom you can only have one frame at the time. With Miro, you can have several frames open in one screen and participants can easily navigate from one frame to another. You can zoom in and out and Miro also offers a small window with the screen layout in the bottom-right corner.

What is Miro used for?

Miro is the online collaborative whiteboarding platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together, from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows.

Is Miro free to use?

Miro is a hub for you, or your team, where you can visualize, share, and collect ideas. You can use Miro Free Plan as long as you want, with as many people as you need! … All invited users are automatically added to your team and get access to all boards (no private boards available).

Is Miro whiteboard free?

Miro is an ideal collaboration tool for: – brainstorming – mind mapping – getting feedback on design/UI/content – creating mood boards – structuring information – working on strategy – working on digital content – agile planning and project management – design thinking – prototyping – creative meetings – remote work …

Who is Miro owned by?

Andrey KhusidMiro co-founder and CEO Andrey Khusid said the company planned the platform idea from its earliest days. “The concept from day one was building something for real-time collaboration and the platform thing is very important because we expect that people will build on top of our product,” Khusid told TechCrunch.

Is Miro a Russian company?

Founded in Perm, Russia, in 2011, Miro quickly got recognition in industry contests. It is now a profitable business with some 300 employees across offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Amsterdam and Perm.

Is Miro free for students?

Miro provides a free Educational account to staff members and students of educational institutions. Education plan users can take advantage of the following features: Unlimited active boards.

Is Miro any good?

We’ve been using Miro for months now for team retrospectives, collecting notes on past releases, gathering ideas for improvements etc. … The whole team is very satisfied with this product. Pros. It’s great when your team is out of reach and you need to gather some ideas.

How can I use Miro for free?

You can use Miro Free Plan as long as you want, with as many people as you need!…Free Plancreate their own boards,view, comment or edit all active boards (depending on the decision of the board owner),upgrade the account,use all features of the Free plan.

How secure is Miro?

Miro provides industry standard encryption for Customer Data as follows: 2.1. Implements encryption in transport and at rest; 2.2. Uses strong encryption methodologies to protect Customer Data, including AES 256-bit encryption for Customer Data stored in Miro’s production environment; 2.3.

How do I make my Miro board private?

Two simple ways to create a board in MiroMake sure you are a full member of the team. ⚠️ If you were invited to a board as a Viewer or Commenter, you will see the following message on the Dashboard. … Click on the +New board button: The blue button to create a new board is always the first one on your dashboard.