Question: What Is The Maximum Salary Of CS?

What is the highest salary of CS in India?

Pay Scale/Salary of Company Secretary (CS)Job ProfileStarting Salary per annum (in INR)Senior Level Salary per annum (In INR)Company SecretaryRs.


9,00,000 – 12,00,000Legal AdvisorRs.


10,00,000Principal SecretaryRs.


9,00,000 – 12,00,000.

In which country CA is highly paid?

Average Salary – US$113,000 According to a survey by CPA Canada, a CPA with over 15 years experience makes an average of CA$150,000 annually. The top paying industries are holding conglomerate, mining and oil & gas. CPAs located in Calgary, Toronto and Edmonton are the highest paid in the country.

What is the maximum salary of a CA?

7 to 30 lakhs is the average salary of a CA professional in India….Highest CA Salary Packages in India.CompaniesAvg. CA Salary per annumITC10-25 LakhsSBI Bank6-17 LakhsBharti Airtel12-22 LakhsDeloitte14-35 Lakhs6 more rows•Apr 6, 2020

Is MBA better than CS?

According to my opinion MBA or CS both course are better & also both course having the better career opportunity so, if you are talking about the better one then its totally depend upon your Interest so, If you will make your career in MBA or CS you will get the handsome salary package & also get the reputed high …

Can a CA earn in crores?

All friends: There is only one option and that is someone give that money to us otherwise, in this life it’s not possible to earn 1 crores, forget crores.. Yes, this conversation is a extract of Chartered Accountant fraternity members…

Is CS easier than CA?

Easy Studies – CS is much easier as compared to CA which has been referred to the toughest course in India. The CA course is easy to enter but tough to exit. While the CS is also not easy but not as tough as CA.

Is CS is better than CA?

The key difference between a CA and a CS are: A CA can apply for jobs in the fields of auditing, accounting, taxation, consultancy, and management accounting whereas a CS can apply for jobs as legal experts, strategic managers, corporate planners, executive secretary, and chief advisor.

Is CS is a good career option?

Apart from the duties, the CS can expect good pay of 25,000 to 40,000 per month in any Indian company. Starting a career as a Company Secretary brings many Duties & Responsibilities and apart from this, they play a significant role in company reputation as they handle legal matters.

Is LLB compulsory for CS?

It is not compulsory to have LLB degree with CS. But it is always advisable to do so. This is because it gives you specialisation over the Laws and Stautes. However, if you are not interested then you may pursue for CA.

What is the salary of CS fresher?

While the average salary of fresher may start at somewhere around Rs 4 lakh per annum, it can go up to Rs 9 lakh with an experience ranging between five and nine years and touch Rs 20 lakh per annum for those with an experience of 20 years and over.

Who Earns More CA or CS?

You will get paid much more if you work in Europe or US. The average annual package for Chartered Accountants in those countries is around $44,000. CS salary in India is a bit lower than that of CA. The average starting salary is between 5 to 10 lakhs.

Which IT career pays the most?

Here’s a look at just some of the highest-paying IT jobs, according to Robert Half Technology’s 2021 Salary Guide:Data security analyst. … Data scientist. … Network/cloud architect. … Network/cloud engineer. … Senior web developer. … Site reliability engineer. … Systems engineer. … Software engineer.More items…•

Which career has the most job opportunities?

50 Careers With The Most Job Openings#OccupationWorkers 20201Cashiers, except gaming171,9902Retail salespersons162,6903Waiters and waitresses146,6204Customer service representatives110,84046 more rows

Is CA tough than MBBS?

Though this varies from person to person. So the conclusion is being doctor is much more tough than being a CA. Specially when you are studying in a government medical College( internship and residency program will eat your health). But if you just want to pass MBBS not more than that then ca is more difficult.

Is CS difficult to pass?

CS is Easy Than CA. This May Be True for Some Student and May be Wrong for Some Students. Easy and Tough Totally Depends on upon Person to Person. … in Terms of Result and Pass % in 2015 CA Pass % Was 5.75% and CS Pass % Was 3.61%.

What is the highest paying computer science job?

Highest-Paying Computer Science Jobs in 2021 – Career Benefits and DisadvantagesSite Reliability Engineer (SRE) … Security Consultant. … 5. Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer. … Cyber Security Engineer. … Security Engineer. … Full Stack Software Developer. … Computer Scientist. … Software Developer. Average annual salary: 70,600 USD.More items…•

What is the easiest computer job?

A few jobs are far simpler to come by than others.Software Developer. … Data Scientist. … It Architect. … Technical Support Executives. … Information Security Analyst. … System Administrator. … Cloud Architect. … Devops Engineer.More items…•

Can a CS do MBA?

After company secretary course you can go for mba as it will equip you with necessary business skills . if you want pursue mba them you should prepare for exams like cat . xat. cmat and iift e.t.c .