Question: Which Subject Is Best For 11?

Which law course is best?

Law courses after 12th: All you need to knowCourses & Career after 12th in Law.

LLB: Bachelor of Legislative Law or commonly known as Bachelor of Laws is three-year course after graduation.


LLB/BBA LLB: In 2001, for the first time the National Law University, Jodhpur offered the integrated law degree of B.B.A, LL.B.

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Master of Laws (LL.M.More items…•.

What is the full of LLB?

The full form of LLB is Bachelor of Law, which is a three-year law degree pursued after completion of graduation. Until the advent of the 5-year integrated law course, it was the most popular entry-level law course. LLB degree is also one the oldest law disciplines.

Is math compulsory for law?

No, mathematics is not necessary to opt for Law Course after 12th. After 12th one can apply for 5 years Integrated LL. B. Degree course through entrance exam like CLAT(Common Law Admission Test) for admission to reputed Institutions under National Law University.

Is 12th easier than 11th?

No, both are same level. If you are in class 11th with conceptually, then you do have to face problem in class 12th. You will find class 12th syllabus easier as compare to class 11th. And, entrances exams also contains about 60% weightage from class 11th.

Which group is best in 11th?

The best group in class 11 is bio maths group but it is the toughest of all. Then comes csc group and then commerce group. Commerce group is the easiest of all the group and it is also a good group and it has many opportunities nowadays. But all depends on your interest.

Is 11th Science hard?

It is not about difficulty level. everything is easy if u have interest in it. Class 11 is the base of higher studies whatever you Learn in this is very important . everything is new for student .

Is 11th maths difficult?

If you’re talking about CBSE, it varies from person to person. I, personally, found math of 11th a little difficult and also boring. It was probably because the level of math changes drastically from 10th to 11th, that’s all. 12th math was very easy and interesting.

Which is the easiest subject in class 11?

According to me, English is the easiest of all the subjects. Not only in arts stream, but for every stream, it is the easiest subject. It is easy to read and understand it. But again, different people may have different choices.

How can I study at 11?

How to start preparing for medical entrance exams from class 11? Check these powerful study tipsCollect syllabus for examination. … Follow NCERT books only. … Point out and work on weak areas. … Prepare a weekly schedule. … Saggregate esasy and tough chapters. … Practice previous years’papers.More items…•

Which subject is best for lawyer in class 11?

course through appearing entrance exam like CLAT(Common Law Admission Test). Regarding subjects of studies for 10+2 level, you should not take Science subject rather you should go with Arts or Commerce with an aim to purse LL. B. after 10+2.

What is the hardest subject?

Top 10 Most Difficult Subjects to StudyForeign Language. … Human Anatomy. … Aerospace Engineering. … Neuroscience. … Statistics. … Psychology. … Forensic Science. … Quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics developed to challenge and find solutions to problems unanswered by classical physics.More items…•