Question: Who Does Our Best Refer?

What though Death at times steps in meaning?

The line ‘calls our best away’ is taken from the poem ‘Life’ by Charlotte Bronte.

The poem inspires us not to give up in the face of difficulties.

Man faces different problems in his life.

In the given line the poetess talks about death taking away our loved ones.

‘What though Death at times steps in..

What is the message of the poem?

The “moral,” or message, of this poem is presented to us straightforwardly in the third stanza, which offers a sort of summary, or conclusion, to what has come before.

What problem does Mrs Pumphrey think Tricki has?

malnutritionPumphrey thought that Tricki was suffering from malnutrition. As a result of her concern, she had been giving him some little extras between meals to build him up, some malt and cod-liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks at night to make him sleep.

Who does I refer to in the story?

Answer : ‘I’ in the story (The Thief’s story) refers to Hari singh, the thief . He used to rob his employers and then run away. He changed his name every month to escape falling into the hands of the police or his former employers.

What is the theme of the poem life by Charlotte Bronte?

theme/central idea: This is a motivating and optimistic poem. The poet says that’s the bad things of life are transient, and good things invariably follow them. Hope will help us to bear our trials even during times of great adversity. we must be optimistic and have the courage to overcome any problem or mishap.

What does our best refer to in poem life?

By Death taking away “the Best”Charlotte Bronte, is most probably referring to her elder sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, who died of typhoid barely six weeks of each other, when she was barely 10 years of age.

What did Mrs Pumphrey bring at first?

Mrs Pumphrey gave her malt, cod-liver oil and bowl of Horlicks. Still, Tricki had no energy. The doctor advised her to cut down on sweet things. … The doctor gave Tricki nothing to eat for the first two days except water.

What is the tone of the poem life?

The tone of the poem ”Life” by Charlotte Brontë is hopeful and optimistic, with the speaker expressing the belief that life is more joyful than…

What is the central idea of the poem have you ever seen?

The theme of the poem is such that it makes the reader of the poem laugh and is full of enthusiasm. The poet has elaborated it by using appropriate words which makes the poem attractive. ι нope мy anѕwer нelped!!

What message does the poet give us in this poem?

The poem conveys the message that childrem need to be allowed more liberty. Excessive nagging makes them defiant and they turn a deaf ear to the instructions of the elders. They develop a kind of dislike for real life and start escaping into the world of dreams and imagination .

Why is Mrs Pumphrey worried about Tricki?

Mrs Pumphrey is worried about Tricki because he is unwell. He has refused to eat food and had bouts of vomiting. She feels that he is suffering from a serious health issue such as malnutrition.

What does the sages say?

The sages say that life is ce dark dream. a what does the rain often foretells. and The main often foretells a pleasent day.

What does the rain often foretell in poem life?

The sages say that life is not a dream. The rain often foretells a pleasent day. During joyful time in life we should enjoy life cheerfully and gratefully.

What message is the poet trying to give us?

Answer: The message in Charlotte Brontë’s poem “Life” is that we should be hopeful rather than hopeless and optimistic rather than pessimistic. In the first stanza, Brontë lists a series of weather events which are usually perceived as negative and shows why each should in fact be perceived as positive.

What does best refer to answer?

Answer: the phrase ‘our best’ refers to the best one person has to offer. for example before going to a sports match one might say’ we will try our best to win’ which in the context means that the person under any circumstances will give it their best to win.