Quick Answer: How Do You Say No In Turkish?

What is Hayir?

Hayir” means “no”.

” Yok” has a meaning that goes in the direction of “nothing” or “non-existent” although it is sometimes used as “no” and degil is more like not..

How do you say die in Turkish?

to die [died|died] {verb} kakırdamak {vb} [coll.] kıkırdamak {vb} [coll.] kuyruğu titremek {vb} [coll.]

What does Chok mean in Turkish?

just a few to get you through, but my two favourites are TA-MAM ! meaning OK and Chok Yasha meaning Bless YOU after someone has sneezed it will bring a smile to the persons face, it did with me ! You can also go to Youtube (learn Turkish) for some more . Sherefe- Cheers.

How do you reply to Merhaba?

7. Replying to a Greeting: Merhaba (Hello) or Sana da merhaba (Hello to you, too) are good replies to a casual merhaba. Other time-specific greetings such as good morning, good day, and good night, can be answered with the same phrase.

How do you apologize in Turkish?

Table of Contents. Common Ways to Say Sorry in Turkish. … Özür dilerim. I’m sorry. … Özür dilemek isterim. I would like to apologize. … Tüm samimiyetimle özür dilerim. I sincerely apologize. … Tekrar yapmayacağım. I won’t do it again. … Bu hatayı tekrar yapmamaya dikkat edeceğim. … Onu demek istemedim. … Bu benim hatam.More items…•

What is the difference between YOK and Hayir?

It appears Hayir is never used within a sentence, only in reponse to a yes/no question. … First of all, “hayır” means simply “no” in response to a yes/no question. Informally, “yok” is also used in the same way, which is probably the source of your confusion.

How do you say thank you in Turkish?

In Turkish, “Thank you” is Teşekkür ederim. The first word, teşekkür, means “thankfulness.” After this comes ederim, meaning “give.” All together, that’s Teşekkür ederim.

What does Yok mean in English?

Yok (יוק in Hebrew) is a Yiddish word that has entered English to refer to a non-Jewish boy or man. Similarly, Yaikultie refers to a non-Jewish girl or man. Yok Thai Language , Jade, a nickname for a girl.

How do I say goodnight in Turkish?

Translation of good night – English–Turkish dictionary İyi geceler!’