Quick Answer: How Do You Survive A Mind Numbing Job?

How do you get through monotonous work?

Fun solutionsListen to music.

A lot of people say that music helps them concentrate better and get rid of the tension.


Try sports.

Plan other tasks in a timed interval schedule.

Maintain a healthy level of insanity.

Get more involved in your work.

Research a new idea that you can build on.

Make a change.More items….

How long should I stay in a job I hate?

Rather than putting in your two weeks’ notice when the going gets tough or when another opportunity arises, Welch says employees should stay at their current job for at least one year before moving on to something new.

What careers are not boring?

The following mentioned are few careers for people who get bored easily and tips on what to do when bored.Travel journalist: … Food taster and critic: … Amusement rides tester: … Game reviewer: … Adventure guide: … Body part modelling: … Bakery chef: … Disco-jockey or DJ job:More items…

How do you survive a boring job?

How To Survive A Boring JobListen to music. – If your boss allows it, pump up the tunes. … Stay focused. … Get rid of clocks, watches, and other time keeping devices. … Enjoy your lunch. … Capitalize on your free time. … Challenge yourself. … Make games out of mundane tasks. … Learn something new.More items…•

How do you survive a boring job in retail?

6 Ways To Survive Retail HellChoose a place that you don’t hate. The first job I had was working at a cell phone kiosk. … Choose an industry that you love. … Don’t like how the place is run, you do it! … LEARN EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. … You are enough. … Find other things besides your job.

What is a good job for someone who gets bored easily?

Careers for those who get bored easilyTravel Journalist.Event Organisers.Surfing Instructor.Daycare Worker.Bartender.Managing Your Own Business.

What jobs are boring?

We mused over what we thought might be the most boring jobs in the world….The 40 Most Boring Jobs in the World (Apparently)Frozen Pea Tester. … Bookmark String Threader. … Printer Paper Feeder. … Lift Operator. … Milk Bottle Squeezer. … Pork Scratching Spotter. … Cheese Slicer. … Bitumen Tester.More items…

What is the best job for a lazy person?

Let’s look at the best jobs (that pay well!) for people who consider themselves lazy.Survey Taker. There are tons of online sites looking to hire people to take surveys for money. … Online Shopper. … Line Stand-In. … Rideshare Driver. … Librarian. … Food Taster. … Professional Cuddler. … Hotel Sleep Tester.More items…

How do you entertain yourself in a boring job?

Just some things I’ve done to keep my mind busy — pick and choose those that might work for you.Create a new challenge. … Pursue your next job. … List your life goals. … Read Zen Habits. … Declutter your workspace. … Pursue a hobby. … Make your work a game. … Educate yourself.More items…

How do you stay positive in retail?

5 Tips For Maintaining a Positive OutlookStart Each Day Focusing On Your Goals – Invest 5 or 10 minutes every day thinking about why you are working and what your work will help you to achieve. … Use Your Commute Wisely – Your commute time is the perfect time to get yourself pumped up for the day.More items…

How can I make my job go by faster in retail?

Retail workers of AskReddit share their tips.Take your time. Advertisement. … Non-stop folding. “Folding. … Push the broom. … I need to get out of here. … Playing games. … Getting more and more depressed. … Ignore the clock. … Put in your headphones.More items…

Which jobs are the happiest?

The 5 Happiest Jobs in the USAReal Estate Agent. Average salary: $53,800. Realtors in the United States are some of the happiest workers across the nation. … HR Manager. Average salary: $64,800. … Construction Manager. Average salary: $72,400. … IT Consultant. Average salary: $77,500. … Teaching Assistant. Average salary: $33,600.

Is getting bored easily a sign of intelligence?

The study, by scientists from Florida Gulf Coast University, found people with a high IQ rarely get bored, leading them to spend more time lost in thought. It suggested less intelligent people are more prone to boredom, leading them to do more physical activity as a result.

What is the most fun job?

Life is more than a checklist, but most of us will experience these events. Be ready….The Fun Jobs You Dream About — That Pay Well, Too!Voice actor.Professional video gamer. … Food critic. … Supercar driving instructor. … Chocolatier. … Interior designer. … Mystery shopper. … More items…•

What are jobs no one wants?

15 High-Paying Jobs People Don’t Want AnymoreCrab fishing. Fresh crab is picked from the sea by hardworking fishermen. … Mine management. Miners prepare for a shift. … Adult entertainer. Lingerie is a staple used by escorts and strippers. … Sanitation. Garbage awaits cleaning up. … Toll booth operators. … Police officers. … Oil rig workers. … Plumbers.More items…•