Quick Answer: What Does Wrong Side Mean In Crochet?

Why is my crochet blanket not straight?

The most obvious, and most common, reason that people fail to crochet straight edges is because they are putting too many or too few stitches into the row.

Make sure that you count your stitches as you go and that they always add up to the correct number..

Does it matter which way you turn your work in crochet?

If you are working a piece in single crochet, you will chain 1 stitch before turning. … Double crochet stitches require 3 chain stitches at turning. Turn your piece from right to left in a clockwise motion. If you are more comfortable turning in a counterclockwise direction, just make sure you are consistent.

What does end on wrong side mean?

Ending with a wrong side row means that you complete a wrong side row before moving on to the next instruction in your pattern. So, in the next step, the right side is facing you.

What does wrong side facing mean in crochet?

If you are looking at your work and the yarn tail end is on your left at the bottom then you are looking at the Wrong Side. If you are looking at your work and the yarn tail end is on your right at the bottom then you are looking at the Right Side.

When crocheting in the round which side is the right side?

Basically, when you are crocheting in a round, the right side is the side facing you.

Can you crochet without turning?

When you crochet in the round (spirals), you don’t need to turn, so you always have the pretty side of the stitches facing you. Typically, when you crochet in rows, you turn your work at the end of the row, which means that half of your rows have the ‘wrong side’ of the stitch facing you.

What is the back bump of a crochet chain?

Working into the back bump (sometimes called the “third loop”) of a single crochet forces the top two loops of the single crochet forward. This creates a series of horizontal Vs along the top surface of the border. It adds a nice dimension to the fabric and closely resembles a surface chain stitch.

What does WS mean in crocheting?

wrong sideWS = wrong side, the opposite of right side (rs) as described above. YO = yarn over, a step used in making almost all crochet stitches; not typically seen in crochet patterns but seen frequently in crochet stitch tutorials.

Why do you turn your work in crochet?

Its purpose is to make the transition between one row of crochet and the next row while maintaining the height of each row. After you’ve worked a row of crochet, you typically turn the piece over and work back across. Making a turning chain helps you to achieve the correct height for your next row of stitches.

Is there a front and back to crochet?

You place your hook in the back of your stitch, which appears as the center loop of your chain, and is the little hump or nub that sticks out when you’re looking at your stitches from above. … The top row is the front of the double crochet stitches.

How do you tell which is the right side of your crochet amigurumi?

When you are crocheting the right side (RS) of your work is the side facing you. The same goes for crochet amigurumi. The general consensus for amigurumi is that it looks better with the RS of your work facing out. This side is smoother and the crochet stitch ‘v’s’ are defined.