Quick Answer: What Is Mullai?

What are the literary sources of Sangam literature?

Sangam Literature: Major source giving details of Sangam Age The Sangam literature includes Tolkappiyam, Ettutogai, Pattuppattu, Pathinenkilkanakku, and two epics named – Silappathikaram and Manimegalai .

Tolkappiyam was authored by Tolkappiyar and is considered the earliest of Tamil literary work..

What are five Thinais?

The five tinais were kurinji (hilly/mountain region), palai ( parched/dry lands), mullai (pastoral tract), marutam (wet/ agricultural lands) and neital (coastal area).

Who wrote Madurai Kanchi?

Mangudi MarudhanarMangudi Marudhanar wrote the Madurai Kaanchi literature of the Pathupattu (the Ten Idylls). Besides he has written 13 Sangam verses, including 3 in Kurunthogai, 2 in Natrinai, 6 in Purananuru, 1 in Agananuru, and 1 in Tiruvalluva Maalai.

Who were the Vellalas during the Sangam age?

Vellalars (also, Velalars, Vellalas) were, originally an elite caste of Tamil agricultural landlords in Tamil Nadu, Kerala states in India and in neighbouring Sri Lanka; they were the aristocracy of the ancient Tamil order (Chera/Chola/Pandya/Sangam era) and had close relations with the different royal dynasties.

What are the different landscapes of Tamilnadu?

These are Kurinji, or mountainous regions; Mullai, or forests; Marudham, the fertile croplands and plains; Neidhal, or the seashore, and Palai, the desert or wasteland. All of these exist in Tamil Nadu, and are a lovely framework to explore the natural landscape of the state.

What is mullai land?

According to the forum, Mullai, as popularly believed, is not a thick rain forest area. It is predominantly dry deciduous forest lands found in Tamil Nadu and is a typically rain-fed wilderness with streams. People living there predominantly cultivated minor millets and raised cattle to supplement their livelihood.

What are the five landscapes?

Five landscape types were initially identified: agrarian, salt marshes, woods, fishing lagoons and rivers (Figure 2).

How many landforms are there in Sangam age?

Later various subsects were formed based on more specific professions in each of the five landscapes (Kurinji, Mullai, Marutam, Neithal and Palai).

Who is the God of mullai land?

Lord of the RegionsRegion (Tamil)Region (English)Chief GodMullaiForest regionMaayon (Lord Vishnu)MaruthamAgricultural regionIndiran (Indra)NeithalCoastal regionVarunan (Varuna)PalaiDesert regionKaali (Kali)1 more row

What are the themes of mullai?

Patient waiting is the theme of mullai thinai. The time of the day, sirupozhudhu (சிறுபொழுது) depicted in the mullai thinai poems is ‘maalai’ or evening which is from 6pm till 10pm. The land, season and time are called the mudharporul(முதற்பொருள்), meaning the first characteristics of the thinai.

What was the occupation of the inhabitants of the kurinji region?

HuntingThe Kurinji Thinai refers to the hilly region. The people in this region were called Vettuvar and Kuravar. Hunting was their primary occupation. They also cultivated fruits and vegetables and gathered honey.