Quick Answer: What Is SMT Call Type?

Can anyone take out my call details?

The police or 3 letter federal agencies can easily get all your call details with a simple court order or a security letter to your carrier..

Do phone companies keep records of calls?

A federal regulation requires landline providers to store call detail records 18 months, but wireless companies store the records for shorter – or significantly longer – periods of time.

“The safeguards that are available under privacy laws in India against call recording by individuals are not clearly defined. There is no law which makes recording a call by an individual on their device illegal. … “The concept of data protection and privacy are two separate things.

What do cell phone records show?

What do Cell Phone Records Show? Cell phone records, otherwise known as “Call Detail Records”, show the caller’s phone number, duration of call, start and end time of the call, and the cell phone tower the phone was connected to.

How can I get CDR?

Under the rules, only an officer of the rank of Superintendent of Police — a DCP-rank officer in a commissionerate — can write to the nodal officer of a mobile network service provider seeking the CDR of persons in connection to an investigation.

What is mobile CDR?

A call detail record (CDR) provides information about calls made over a phone service. A CDR report can offer businesses exact answers about where, when, and how calls are made for reporting and billing purposes.

Does SMT mean something?

Sucking My Teeth”Sucking My Teeth” is a common definition for SMT on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. SMT. Definition: Sucking My Teeth.

Can police retrieve phone conversations?

Listening to your phone calls without a judge’s warrant is illegal if you’re a U.S. citizen. … The government can also get historical phone records with an administrative subpoena, which doesn’t require a judge’s approval. Police can get phone records without a warrant thanks to a 1979 Supreme Court case, Smith v.

What does SMT mean in business?

SMTAcronymDefinitionSMTService Management Tool (software)SMTSenior Management TeamSMTStore Manager Trainee (various companies)SMTSuomen Matkatoimisto (Finnish travel agency)96 more rows

How can I read call detail records?

CDR contentsthe phone number of the subscriber originating the call (calling party, A-party)the phone number receiving the call (called party, B-party)the starting time of the call (date and time)the call duration.the billing phone number that is charged for the call.More items…

What is SMT before name?

Smt is a short form of Shrimati which is prefixed before the name of a married woman as a honorific title and it can safely be substituted by Mrs. in English. Likewise, Km is a short form of Kumari which is prefixed before the name of an unmarried woman as a honorific title and it can be translated as Miss.

Can call history be tracked?

KidsGuard Pro. KidsGuard Pro is the best call history tracker software which gives total control to the parents so it is known as top parental control monitoring app. This tool lets you track all the incoming call, outgoing call, miss call and shows all the details related to the call.